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When I first started my program with Rónán I already had a few years of experience within training at the gym. But during these first weeks with Rónán I have already learnt so many new things no one ever taught me before. He is extremely understanding, patient, and great at explaining why and how you do certain things. He has helped me find solutions to my hip and lower back pain I´ve had for years, and I´m no longer afraid to execute exercises I use to avoid because of it. I feel like Rónán has great knowledge about our bodies and how we can reach our training goals even though we are all so different. His expertise is inspiring and has helped me a lot. I´m very happy I reached out to him. :))


Amazing coach with great knowledge and passion for training. I have benefited very much from his programmes and have started to see results very quickly. Really enjoying the personalised programme! Always happy to give me feedback and assess my progress.

Kelly Lethbridge - Online Coaching

Ronan is very knowledgeable and extremely supportive. He adapts and personalises each workout around your strengths (and weaknesses!) communicating continuously so you know why you are undertaking each exercise.

Fraser Muir - Personal Training

Ronan knows his stuff!! He identified an old swimming injury/weakness I had years ago within minutes and gave a variety of exercises to assist with strengthening the area.
Always happy and friendly (unless you aren’t working hard enough). Couldn’t recommend a better guy to go too!

Nichola McConnell - Personal Training

Ronan is very knowledgeable and has brought on my training leaps and bounds. I would highly recommend him.

Gary Barkham - Personal Training

Ronan is an excellent coach, with brilliant facilities. Makes every session very approachable, interesting but still a really good work out. Highly recommended!

Rod Richmond - Personal Training

I love training with Ronan. I’ve done various classes and groups over the years but Ronan is a cut above the rest in terms of his knowledge and coaching skill. Highly recommended.

Rachel Brailsford - Personal Training

Just started sessions with Ronan and absolutely loving it! He’s knows exactly what I need to do and is working me to my max. Can’t wait to see the results I can achieve in a few months time. Brilliant PT sessions, highly recommend!

Natalie Durk Saltman - Personal Training

I would absolutely recommend Ronan. He knows his stuff, he’s motivating and he makes sure you are lifting correctly. He certainly gets the most out of you. Always look forward to my sessions!

Karis Kerr - Personal Training

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